This is what makes it effectively present. For more inquiry on this thread see the following. The three water signs of the zodiac are associated with the world of the imaginal and the imagination. All reinforced with the conviction that the imaginary realm is more substantial, more vital than pre-Cartesian quotidian reality.

The Voice of Silence. Screens that deliver images wholesale — without any investment on your part in their creation — which robs you of the mysterious middle ground you must pass through to create — to bring forth any sort of creation from the realm of the imaginal. Never any easy process to engage with. When the Sufis talk about Imagination they are not referring to it as the fantastical or fanciful.

Imagination, within their cosmology, is an actual mode of perception.


This is an important distinction to grasp. In our typical reductionist, mechanistic world we seem to think if we can just see enough images, gather enough access to experience the Imaginal whenever we want — at our beck and call via an Internet application or bit of software that generates virtual reality, we can experience the actual space that is part and parcel the arrival of the imaginary. You need to read that paragraph above again, to make the right connection. That felt condition, that space from which the first intimations of concepts or images arise, is a condition vitally important to the well-being of the soul.

We require a sense of inner space, via our relationship to Presence, to enable the soul to breathe , to contact the imaginal realm, to see how the conceptual world we live in is simply a shell that overlays and protects a richer, larger experience of life. The dynamic realm that exists free of concepts and the conceptual. The concepts of time and space confine us.

Adrian Duncan, Astrologer

To maneuver about within the world we use time and space to demarcate and define. But in doing so we become so acclimated to this lens of viewing reality that we forget the timeless — the unbounded freedom that Presence imparts.

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The term Presence is used a lot in spiritual writing, losing much of its direct transmission through misinterpretation. Whereas Presence is easily identifiable. Keep it simple. Sense yourself as you are reading this sentence. And that awareness is Presence. But we can not do this by just collecting and stuffing our minds with images, this is akin to partaking of a giant gourmet meal but without any engagement with the process of collecting the ingredients and the recipes and the cooking that brings the meal to our table.

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Pros Very nice software in which I have seen before. Cons I found few query in chrome but once i log-in in cnet. These four points represent the start of the four signs: Aries and Libra, and Cancer and Capricorn respectively. When making predictions or character analyses, astrologers look at the movement of the planets through these 12 zodiac signs, and the relation of the planets to each other.

A horoscope is a two-dimensional map of the solar system, which shows exactly where the sun, moon and planets are in the 12 zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Based on the exact time and place of birth, the 12 Houses of the horoscope can also be calculated, and the planets in signs are placed in this framework — the personal horoscope.

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Basically this is an incredibly advanced way of displaying a particular point in time at a particular point in space. You can even work backwards from a horoscope drawing to divine the exact time and place of birth.

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There are simple combinations of planets in signs and houses, but astrology gets much, much more complicated than that. Of course, most people think of horoscopes as the daily, weekly, monthly or yearly horoscopes seen in newspapers and magazine, or online.

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The 12 signs of the zodiac. Really these are sunsign horoscopes, because they are simply based on where your sun is on any particular birth date, and naturally these star signs are very general.

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They can be quite accurate though, because the sun is such a dominating factor in a horoscope. Nevertheless, the moon and planets each have very specific and very strong influences, and the only way you can find out what that is, is by having your personal horoscope calculated. Basically your date of birth will show you in which sign the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are in your horoscope, because they are unlikely to change signs during the course of a day.

For example — from the standpoint of someone on Earth — the sun takes one month to move from one star sign to another, whilst Uranus takes seven years. As the moon moves from one sign to another in a little over two days, you need the birth time and place to be sure of where it is.

Knowing the birth time and place makes it possible to calculate the 12 houses of the horoscope, and the main framework of the 12 houses are the four cardinal points:. Once you have the planet in sign and house, you can make the interpretation. So the Moon in Aries in the 7th house, for example, would show someone emotionally receptive moon in a rather impulsive way Aries to other people 7th house. On the AstroWiki section of this site you can find interpretations of all these astrological combinations. There is a myth associated with astrology that sun signs are superficial and that anyone can write them.

It is true that sun signs are general, but they are by no means easy to write.

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In fact they demand tremendous experience. Only excellent astrologers can write accurate sunsigns. And most of the sun signs you see on major astrology sites are written by excellent astrologers.