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Transit Movement of the Planets in At the beginning of the year the Sun will 14thJanuary at p.m. 13th February at a.m. 15th March at

Once you have calculated your Personal Year number, then please read the applicable Personal Year write up below to understand more about this current cycle within your life and how you can work with this energy consciously throughout Personal Year 1: New Beginnings, Rebirth, Start of a New Cycle This year represents new beginnings as you step into a whole new 9 year cycle of growth and evolution.

You feel vital, enthusiastic and motivated as you set new goals and visions for this new cycle of your life. You have gained much wisdom from the previous cycle and you now have the choice to put this wisdom into practice in this next cycle. A Personal 1 year is not just about setting the foundations for this whole new cycle but it is also about taking action and physically planting the seeds in order to birth opportunities over the next 9 years. After all that enthusiasm of your Personal 1 year, you may find a Personal 2 year frustrating as it can appear from the outside to be fraught with delays, obstacles and much waiting!

You may have to adjust your visions, meet new people to aid you in your goals, network with like minded souls or even make changes in yourself… this is a year of choice and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

In a Personal 3 year you will have that air of confidence that can make you alluring to others, thus things may tend to fall into your lap this year — be it in business, relationships or your finances. A personal 4 year is your time to make good on all your commitments from your Personal 3 year and take responsibility by walking your talk.

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It is an opportunity to reflect on your patterns and how these maybe molded from old beliefs, opinions of others or possibly even playing out stories of past lives. This is a year to put this new found freedom to work and go travelling, make new friends, seek out new adventures and ditch the routine. Personal Year 6: Lovers, Family, Home, Heart After expressing all that freedom in your Personal 5 year, you may come to release that there is no place like home… and that home is where the heart is.

A Personal 6 year is about blossoming all of your Heart connections… committing to an existing relationship, or ending a stagnant relationship to open the golden door of opportunity for a new relationship to blossom. You may feel guided to spend much more time with family and friends, forgiveness may be a big lesson for you this year. This is a great year to get engaged, married or start a family.. You may also be guided to build the heart of your home or business, nesting and being of service to others. Who are you on planet Earth? Does your life add value to the world? Do you make a difference?

This is a big year of facing some truths, going within and seeking answers to some of the big questions. You may be guided this year to spend more time by yourself, travel outside of your local area or even take up a new course of study. In an 8 Personal Year you will tend to have that certain je ne sais quoi , that intangible quality that makes you desirable and attractive to others… it is up to you whether you flaunt it or stick you head in the sand and hide it!

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Personal Year 9: Completion, Service, End of a Cycle I personally LOVE a Personal Year 9, as it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on your 9 year journey, review all of your experiences and wisdoms gained and make decisions on how you will choose to commencing the next year in a new cycle. It is a great year to also share your experiences with others in service, offering pearls of wisdom from your journey. What do these words have in common? Well they all resonate to the number 8 in numerology and so eloquently explain the energetic significance of How do we walk the spiritual path as conscious beings having a human experience yet welcome abundance into our lives as a natural state of beingness?

Imagine a world where this disparity is brought into balance… such that EVERYONE had access to clean water, healthful food, shelter and medical care, the basic essentials of life. Imagine a world where competition, control, fear and power were transcended in favour of sharing, unity, oneness and love. It is so easy to get caught up in the pain, struggle and suffering in the world as at times can feel surrounded by division, separation and prejudices, but through the number 8 and the Law of Polarity we can be the SOURCE of the change that is needed within the world… we just need to focus our attentions from a higher place of consciousness.

What if we work courageously with the number 8 and take back our personal power in order to step outside of the program of limitation and co-create a new world based on foundations of LOVE, compassion, sovereignty and unity. So what do you choose? And most importantly, what do you choose to be the Source of for the world at large? If you have struggled with self worth, fostered a poverty consciousness or suppressed your heart-felt desire to pursue your dreams… well you may find that becomes a wakeup call to action as you experience more of that which you have been trying to deny, hide or keep hidden within your life.

Meteorological Beginning of Spring Northern Hemisphere. Zero Discrimination Day. Venus enters Aquarius. Venus square Uranus. As Venus enters Aquarius, it can bring new and fascinating acquaintances and friendships. Your desire for novelty and independence gets a boost.

Money issues may also shift. Today brings an expansion in consciousness. You may find it easier to connect with universal wisdom and receive cosmic messages. Open-heartedness brings an awareness of blessings.

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It is a good day to expand your personal horizons but also a good day to make practical decisions. Build a stronger foundation for the future by doing more of what really excites you. Shadow: You may not see eye to eye with others. Values can clash creating instability. You can feel restless and rebellious. Freedom versus intimacy may be an issue in relationships.

Unexpected events can take you by surprise and cause emotional stress. Watch out for aggressive, bossy people. Stay out of the line of fire. But do your best to avoid cynicism.

Here is how to find your Personal Year number:

Quote: No matter how far a person can go the horizon is still way beyond you. Texas Independence Day. Venus sextile Chiron. Venus semi-square Neptune.

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Hummingbird awakens your intuition today. It is a high-energy day that is best approached with a sense of fluid boundaries. Break routines and push up against personal boundaries. Go have some fun! You may find that you are more open to intimacy and learning from your significant others. Today offers you a powerful opportunity to heal personal relationships. Why not take it? Today allows you to focus power, love and spontaneity through the lens of order and discipline to be in service to others for the common good of all.

Shadow: You can experience greater happiness, but you may also see only what you want to see. A dreamy energy may have you avoiding practical tasks that need to get done. And that is okay! Instant gratification can be short-lived, and your wallet may have a hangover tomorrow morning. World Wildlife Day. It brings a renewing force that helps us to let go, break from old patterns and head in a new direction. Today strengthens your life force and can provide added dynamism, confidence, forcefulness and daring! It can also be a playful energy that brings joy, humor and the curiosity to explore.

The seed of new ideas that have been taking root below the surface are now ready to sprout into form. This is a day that can bring greater balance and beauty. Relationships are favored. Shadow: The underlying energy brings awakening and is the harbinger of new things. Yet, anything new can be difficult until you master it. You may be more prone to irresponsible actions, emotional volatility and illness.

Remember to take care of yourself.

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And get clear on your intentions before taking action. Quote: I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it — but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor. Spider energy and her ability to spin a web helps you attract what it is you most need today to fulfill your life purpose: the people, clients and resources.

It is a good networking day.