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Transit Movement of the Planets in At the beginning of the year the Sun will 14thJanuary at p.m. 13th February at a.m. 15th March at

A connection to the divine. Time alone. A marriage that has some much needed alone time. And I can have time away from my kids. I can multi task. For our ancestors, fire was the place to dance, mourn, laugh, pray.. One of our new scents will be live on the site next week for real this time! Friendly reminder: we're about a month away from Mercury going in retrograde. Enjoy the calm before the storm! This is the perfect time of year for therapeutic bath soaks. We got you.

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These also make a great shower scrub and fantastic foot soak. Pays homage to the winter full moon in January. Blood Moon: Eclipse: Neroli orange blossoms: a sharp and clean scent, with very subtle floral notes. Pays homage to the fall full moon of October.

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Tread lightly over the next few days, loves. BUT watch your words. Stay quiet for now. Stay balanced and pour your energy into your own self love routine. Feel like hiding away? Staying in a bubble? Being secretive? DO IT! The air has a bit of a nip to it Full Moon Central Plateau. Maybe I will have a art sale at the apartment or Saturday and sell this and other wayward pieces. Winner winner, chicken dinner Painted this during the strawberry moon again it is probably acrylic. I made the switch not long after starting. Hello October! The moon is full. What is everyone's else spot in the shadow queue?

Do you want an entire rundown of how your will go? I do this every year and I adore it. Absolute magic. I want to ultimately equip you with the best and most divine knowledge and insight to manifest, navigate and move your through each and every month of For each month a totem spirit animal will accompany the tarot reading to give another layer of insight and depth! October is here! So thankful to the. Tis the season!!! Give me all the death! Trees dying all around us, witching hours and sacrifices.

Pumpkins and ghosts, and scary movies with friends, and cuddles on cold nights sleeping with your windows open. Super juiced.

A Bathing Ritual for the Full Moon in Cancer

I wait all year for this month. Let's hang! Happy Tuesday, rise and grind and let's get it in! Good morning! Who is willing to try it? Astrological forecasts for October. The forecasts are posted in the masthead of our blog.


So, everything slows down. If you travel, there may be unexpected snafus. But if you during a retro period, you may return to that place again. Other than Mercury turning retro on the last day of the month, October should be pretty good for most of us.

What does this mean? We need to get ready to face our shadow self - those parts of ourselves that we are hiding or want to bury. Those same situations and themes may re-appear. Click on link in bio to see our final choice. These mooncakes are always around when you are Chinese. It can be really tough when this occurs because your 12th house is all about your deepest, darkest and most sensitive parts.

Make sure you are always aware when a new or a full moon hits your 12th house because it can really help you to retreat and find that inner peace that you yearn for. The best way to tune in is to use lavender essential oil and keep a dream journal to tap into your spiritual side!

Also yesterday more than people were said to have died in fighting in south Sudan after rebels. A good one to talk through. Lots of distractions. Many pots on the boil. Yesterday Egypt's military vowed to respect all international treaties a day after. Anti-government rallies in Algeria and Yemen, inspired by the toppling of Mubarak.

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The lunar node is the 'eclipse area'. The eclipse cycle ''hour hand', always moving backwards. Yesterday Egypt's military authorities said they were dissolving the country's parliament. Anti-government rallies in the capitals of Algeria and Yemen, inspired by events in Egypt,. Riot police in Algiers dispersed thousands of people who had defied a. State of the skies:- Today the Sun is at 25 Aquarius.

Mercury, Mars and Neptune.


She is full in Leo on Friday. Moon, Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus form a T-square to A right bundle of news and no mistake. He trines Saturn today, is conjunct Mars on 20th,. She too is a 'morning star' until August. Venus grimly squares Saturn on Feb 18th, and more. Venus overtakes Mars again on May 23rd at 9 Taurus. Venus is in Superior conjunction with.

Venus turns retrograde on May 15th in mid Gemini. Yesterday fresh protests and strikes erupted in Egypt as demonstrators demanded. The rebellious vibration, corresponding to 4 bodies in Aquarius, is spreading. Today the Moon reaches gibbous phase, the final procession to the Full Moon begins Wednesday 16 February Jupiter is opposite his sun right now. Its stormy seas ahead for him. Pluto is square his Libra sun this year and Uranus opposes. He also has a progressed. Also yesterday Egypt's ruling military council announced that work on reforming the country's. Today Minor Lunar Occultation of star 81 Gemini is visible.

Very grandiose.