Print Search. Does anyone know if there is a Zi Wei Dou Shu software whereby you just enter your date and time of birth into the system and the software will generate your Zi Wei Dou Shu reading including the 10 year luck cycle as well as interpretate your reading? If yes,where and how to get this software?

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Ziwei Sihua Flying Stars Chart

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Zi Wei Dou Shu software download

February 09, , PM by Oliver. February 05, , PM by Sophie. February 04, , AM by Ivy. February 02, , PM by Ava. This also entails gathering money in whatever means, whether appropriate or not.

紫微斗數 Zi Wei Dou Shu

The native, however, can be lonely esp. This formation is usually found with high profile business people, high executive CEO ranks position, where enormous amount of money can be earned. Career Palace: Wu Qu in the Career Palace denotes working in the field of finance, investments, banking, or precious metal tradings. Wu Qu in Career is not as auspicious as in the Wealth Palace, but is better than most other stars since Wu Qu is a finance star- working in a related finance Career brings good fortune.

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If Wu Qu meets Tan Lang, it is highly mercenary. However, they are better off at a later age. However, further judgement can be analyzed after consulting the entire life chart to determine events, both positive and negative. If Wu Qu meets Qi Sha, windfall money or a sudden pour of money is possible.

Therefore, the Ten-Years Decade Luck needs to be analyzed to form positive, or negative events. This allows you a second chance to gather wealth, and money if you know how. Wu Qu is one of the Wealth Star, and its placement is important in analyzing money potential, when and how.

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The native is calculative in expenditures, and does not spend money unnecessary. However, the native is honest, loyal, and is stubborn to uphold integrity, and values.

As Tian Xiang is a mirroring star, the native may have two personalities, two minds, and two of most things in life. Therefore, savings can be achieved but the native is also prone to spending lavishly from time to time. The native is not an aggressive investor into speculative means. As a result, wealth is accumulated through savings, slowly but surely. Therefore, if Tian Xiang is in the Life Palace, and Tian Fu is at the Wealth Palace, the native can be wealthy through savings, and long term investments.

Wealth can also be achieved through overseas career, and foreign investments.

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The native can be suited to be in judiciary, political or educational offices. The native will have to work hard, and enjoys a stable career where wealth can be attained. As a mirroring star, two careers are possible as well, or duplication of career line is possible to generate wealth- similar to chain or franchising. However, the native appears to be content in life endeavors -poor or not, the native finds happiness in its own right.

This is likely so because Po Jun is in the Wealth Palace. With the pairings of stars, these individuals are fortunate in wealth generation, and are common among high profile business people or multi-millionaires. They may lack financial luck, and make bad investment decisions from time-to-time. However, generally, Tian Fu native is usually fortunate in life endeavors. Wealth Palace: Tian Fu residing in the Wealth Palace is usually good, and best to be paired with Wu Qu resulting in the vault being filled with gold, and abundance.

However, if Tian Fu is alone, the native is highly likely conservative in investments, capable of savings from income earned -slowly but surely. As such, this format may not be suitable for a business native because in here, money is earned and saved in storage.

Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗数-四化飞星)

They can hold onto leadership or supervisory positions, thereby earning a higher income. Tian Fu is often auspicious if found in any of the twelve palaces, but the Friends Palace. Tian Fu is highly auspicious in the Property Palace. This signifies abundance, assets, and prosperity. It is best to meet Wu Qu where enormous wealth can be achieved. However, if Zi Wei meets Zou Fu, and You Bi, the native is blessed with noble people, and good assistance to his pursuits.

If Zi Wei is alone, it is burdensome for the native, and hectic, thereby the native makes good and bad decisions depending on the Ten-Years cycles. Zi Wei is not a wealth star, or rather a weak wealth star. However, Zi Wei native can engage in business activities to generate wealth with their in-born natural leadership abilities, persistence, and hard work. This formation is usually found with business owners, entrepreneurs, and high ranked executives in organizations.

Wealth Palace: If Zi Wei resides in the Wealth Palace, the native may look glamorous, but lacking wealth opportunities, and inefficient in managing money where care to money management is needed. However, earning capacity can be achieved in luck cycles.