Maintaining good deeds and charitable acts is equally important to ensure that your luck will last throughout the year. The Year of the Dog held some challenges for Dragons. It was not without its good moments but this year you will see less obstacles in your path.

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Several lucky stars shine on your efforts as the Year of the Pig fosters some affection for Dragons. However, you are not wholly compatible with the Pig, so you must learn to be more compliant this year and less stubborn. Dragons' career outlook is very favorable this year. Those who work on commission such as salesmen, realtors, or financial advisors can expect a steady increase in revenue and a nice bonus on one of their larger contracts. Entrepreneurial Dragons can expect their endeavors to flourish this year. New careers or businesses will be off to a good start, but will be even more successful if you partner up with a Monkey or Rat.

Dragons will see a significant improvement in their studies as your motivation increases this year. If Dragons can keep this up, they will be able to absorb and retain knowledge easily.

Consequently, the Year of the Pig is a suitable year for taking exams. If Dragons become too stressed over their studies, however, they risk altercations with classmates or teachers. In order to stay positive, Dragons must manage their stress accordingly. Relaxing activities such as guided meditation and yoga will help them to stay calm. There are no negative health threats or serious illnesses on the horizon this year for Dragons.

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If they are particularly lucky, an existing condition will lighten its burden over the coming months. For the more senior Dragons, there may be some dietary complications. Be sure to monitor your diet at home and when dining out. Both male and female Dragons will have their pick from an abundance of eligible mates; but take caution if you are persuaded to have casual flings this year as they may sabatoge long term prospects.

For Dragons who have already bridged this gap and are in a committed relationship, this year will see some checkered success for you. Be careful what you say when you are upset and learn to problem solve by communicating. Some might say miscommunication is the Dragons' greatest weakness. Do not ignore small problems this year in your relationships as they are the beginning of larger issues to come. To better your odds in love, Dragon women can wear green jewelry, the more rectangular the better.

Dragon men should wear black accessories such as a black watches or belts. Dragons prefer to dream about their goals and take on project after project.

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During this year, Dragons must survey their achievements and take some time to enjoy the fruit of their labor. Despite the success you find this year, you must not get caught up.

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Take time to cultivate your spiritual traits and share time with your family to fill your home with a calmer Qi. Your health will not give you major cause for concern this year, but you do need to pay attention to minor illnesses. However, frustration over a series of setbacks in your career or finance could increase your stress level, so you must learn to relax and to release your stress.

Meditation and Yoga are good approaches to ease your stress. And if you can, go to your doctor and have a checkup sometime this year. Our site uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Horoscope Career Strong and independent, Dragons will do well in their careers in the Year of the Rat. Education The stars are on your side this year. Health Dragons are blessed with excellent health, both mentally and physically. Relationships Independence will suit you well for the year. Lifestyle The Rat will be a year of good fortune for the Dragon.

Dragons in the Year of the Rat In , the cerebral and clever approach of the Dog will quickly transform into the direct and unmediated outlook of the Pig. Career Dragons' career outlook is very favorable this year. Unlucky Months: July 11th — October 29th Luckiest Months: January 8th — June 19th Education Dragons will see a significant improvement in their studies as your motivation increases this year. Health There are no negative health threats or serious illnesses on the horizon this year for Dragons.

Lifestyle Dragons prefer to dream about their goals and take on project after project. Welcome to CNY ! Got it! These Dragons live a quiet life with surpluses. If entrepreneurs, their businesses are successful. However, their family and friends are not as dependable. These Dragons are intelligent and social. They have a breakthrough in the middle years and enjoy prosperous later in life. These Dragons are positive and cheerful.

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They do not fear enemies and do not bully the weak. Comments: Virgo Dragon Personality.

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Kevin H I only started studying astrology mixed with zodiac recently and I gotta say There's definitely depth to it that provides a lot of insight to the way my life's progressed. I'm a Virgo Dragon,30 years old, and a male. Early in life was a crucible that tested me in ways that I sometimes thought would break me, I live in Walker County, located in Alabama.

It's renowned around the country as the drug Capitol and used to be known as the number 1 place to get a hit man. So basically what I'm saying is this place is difficult and an extremely dangerous place. I've always been top tier quality in everything i engage in for example I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh which is a card game and was 1st in state for 2 years, professional in MLG play during my gaming years, in school me and my twin sister were featured on the front page of the local paper for academics several times and I was always the teachers pet.

He's a Scorpio rooster and if you do the connection between the 2 you'll be searching you out one too, alone I have done impressive things such as making front page for working with the Miami Herald, who hosted , October fest.

Virgo Dragon Man

Front page for doing hurricane relief cleaning canals with Arnold's towing of Key West Florida. And as far as editorial mention that's about it I believe but I've almost always achieved management within the first few months of any job I liked and seen potential in. I sometimes feel like a father figure to most around me and I've always sought out older crowds to affiliate with in search for higher maturity amongst the people I associate with, no luck there really I don't know how to turn my mind off and as a consequence as some would say i have experimented with drugs since early teens.

I've come to find that drugs only weaken weak minds cause I have no addiction to any drug whatsoever and can take or leave it no problem without withdrawal or side effects. To be honest the biggest mistake i ever made was choosing to go sober and it lasted 6 months and within that half year almost completely lost everything I owned including some close personal friends.

I believe through my friendship with my Scorpio rooster we've evolved through eachother because there's just no others we come across that come close to achieving our goals and we have a presence that dominates our surroundings. You'll see cause I'm a few steps from making a drastic change in America for the better by living my life doing what I do, politics and media are as senseless to me as praying to God. Why ask for anything your mind is capable of obtaining through effort. Dragon Virgo Does anyone have experience with a Virgo dog?

We never stop laughing and being silly together. He brings out the best lighter, fun side in me and I appear to ground him and make him feel secure. I think if we ever fell out there would be fireworks though! Momma I have a beautiful brilliant Virgo Dragon 5 year old son. He is an amazing child!!